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What We Do

What We Do

Connect Nicaragua has multiple ministries to connect people with each other and Christ. Click below to learn more about each ministry.

The BECA Kids program is a scholarship based program that provides children and youth with financial funding towards their education, the opportunity for spiritual growth, and emotional provision. The first priority with this program is to be a dependable advocate for the youth. This includes having monthly support meetings with each individual, together as a group, and serving together quarterly.

The Mentorship program provides the opportunity for significant spiritual growth while serving in our ministry. People in the program stay with us for a period of time (usually 1-2 months) and experience life in Nicaragua. Participants in the program are exposed to the difficulties of ministry and are taught what it means to depend on God in all circumstances. This program is for those who desire to experience God and learn how to fully serve God with their lives. 

The Short-Term Missions program allows you to step into the Nicaraguan culture for 7-10 days to connect with people, experience the reality of life here, and witness all that God is doing in this beautiful country. We work alongside local pastors to see the needs of communities and to bring refreshment and encouragement to the people. You will be challenged to fix your eyes on Jesus through all of the good and difficult things you will see, hear, and feel. The week you spend in Nicaragua will be purposeful in using the talents your team brings to connect people with Christ and each other through love, prayer, worship. 

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