Helping provide children and youth with financial funding towards their education, the opportunity for spiritual growth, and emotional provision. 

What is the BECA Kids Program?

The BECA Kids program is a scholarship based program providing children and youth with financial, emotional, and spiritual support. The first priority with this program is to be a dependable advocate for the kids involved. This includes having monthly support meetings with each individual, together as a group, and serving together quarterly.

How can I become a Sponsor?

Before committing to become a sponsor, we ask you pray about your consideration. We desire for you to form a relationship with your students and to be praying for them daily. 

Responsibilities of a sponsor include paying monthyl tuition, writing letters of encouragemnt, and praying for your student.


How Much Does it Cost?

Primary and Secondary School cost $25 per month and the University costs $100 per month. Additionally, there are different options for sponsoring:

  • Full sponsorship

  • Half sponsorship

  • Quarter sponsorship

Current BECA Kids

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Alejandra Hernandez

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